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When the parents of a minor child decide to walk down separate life paths, the hardships that arise as a result are a point of major concern for family law courts. Children with separated or divorced parents must endure and overcome significant emotional and developmental challenges. Although each parent may have their own ideas and opinions regarding what parenting arrangement best fits the needs of the family’s situation, California courts are required to make custody determinations based primarily on the custodial arrangement that is more suited for advancing the best interests of the minor child.

If you are involved in a child custody dispute, you should consult the professional services of an Irvine child custody and visitation lawyer. At Moshtael Family Law, we have devoted our practice to resolving legal disputes implicating California domestic relations laws, including child custody & visitation cases. You can benefit from a team of family law attorney with nearly two centuries-worth of collective legal experience between them.

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Legal Issues Affecting Child Custody & Visitation

California law recognizes certain privileges and legal duties involving the parent-child relationship. In general, parents have a right to maintain a healthy relationship with their children and provide for their care and wellbeing. However, when the parents of a minor child decide separate, California courts are empowered to determine a custody arrangement that protects and promotes the health, safety, and welfare of the child.

Child custody issues involving separated or divorced parents involving consideration of the following custody arrangements:

  • Physical custody: California public policy recognizes that a child has an interest in maintaining a close relationship with both parents. When separated parents of a minor child equally share custody and parenting responsibilities, the parents are subject to a joint physical custody arrangement. When the child spends most of their time living with one parent over the other, a parent has sole physical custody of the minor child.
  • Legal custody: Parents also have a right to make decisions regarding a child’s education, medical care, and other legal matters. When legal decisions on behalf of a child require the input and consent of both parents, they are subject to a joint legal custody arrangement. When one parent is allowed to make legal decisions for their child without the other parent’s say, they have sole legal custody over their child.

California courts are required to evaluate a variety of factors regarding the best interest’s of a minor child when deciding matters concerning child custody and visitation. Courts will not consider the parent’s interests above the interest’s of their children when making child custody and visitation issues. This helps to ensure that a child’s opportunities for health and stable growth are maximized and not endangered by the conflict between their parents.

If applicable, we can address the following factors in your child custody & visitation case to advance your legal objectives:

  • Your child’s preference for custody
  • The need and consequences for separating siblings
  • Care and health requirements for your child
  • Your child’s education needs
  • You and your former spouse’s financial condition
  • Abusive conduct from a parent
  • Any physical or mental disability affecting you or your former spouse
  • Religion

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Child custody cases have the potential to shape the relationship between a parent and their child. This can have a profound impact on the development of a child and their connection to their parents. As a result, child custody cases should be given serious consideration. If you have questions about a child custody matter, it is in your interests to consult an experienced Irvine child custody & visitation attorney. At Moshtael Family Law, you can count on our team of professional lawyers to advise you about the merits of your child custody case, and your legal options for certain custody arrangements and visitation plans.

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