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Why Hire Moshtael Family Law

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Family law litigation is notorious for its potential to get out of hand. Divorce and family law cases that get derailed by strong emotional influences can end up dragging out the litigation process, costing you years of your life and thousands of dollars. To avoid this, you need a legal team that can confidently deliver sound legal advice and maintains proper control of strategic legal decisions.

At Moshtael Family Law Orange County, our clients benefit from more than 130 years of combined legal experience. Our legal team has the skill and sophisticated understanding of the litigation process to help ensure you receive quality legal counsel at a cost-effective price. We provide compassionate legal representation for a variety of California family law matters, backed by a proven track record of success.

Our Core Values

Our legal team knows how to stay true to our clients and their interests by upholding our core values:

  • Legal excellence
  • Client service
  • Personal commitment
  • Communication
  • Cost-effective representation

We also take pride in giving our clients a fast and efficient way to communicate our legal team through our online client portal. Through our website, you can also take advantage of a simple and convenient method for managing your legal bills using our online bill pay system.

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A Vast Network of Resources at Your Fingertips

At Moshtael Family Law, you can expect to have access to a comprehensive network of resources. Our firm has an in-house Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to support our clients’ cases. As a result, we have an enhanced ability to handle complex financial issues that arise from your divorce. We won’t have to spend time and money searching for a reliable financial expert to promote your interests. At our firm, you will have the convenience of obtaining tax and legal advice under one roof.

Other benefits that come along with having an in-house CPA include:

  • No need to pay separate large retainers for preliminary forensic accountants
  • Enhanced ability to evaluate your case and provide an initial financial case plan
  • An ability to bring a high level of financial analysis
  • A detail-oriented focus on issues relevant to the division of assets and liabilities
  • Professional expertise regarding the tracing of assets
  • Specialized support for business valuations
  • Expert review of income for calculating child support or spousal support obligations
  • Enhanced ability to cross-examine and refute the testimony of other financial experts
  • Tax preparation services pending divorce

Through Moshtael Family Law’s professional network, you can also get in touch with reputable, licensed family therapists who can support your personal well-being in addition to promoting you and your family’s interests as expert witnesses during the litigation process.

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At Moshtael Family Law, you can depend on a team of legal professionals who cares about your case and appreciates the challenges that you are experiencing. You can show up to court with the confidence that we are there for you, and will zealously advocate for your legal rights to help make sure you receive a favorable outcome in your family law case.

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Why Hire Moshtael Family Law?

We Have a Level of Great Service

We are very hands-on, always show up prepared, build case plans for you, have strategic meetings with you, and prepare you for your hearing.

We Have Strategic Partnerships

We are very hands-on, always show up prepared, build case plans for you, have strategic meetings with you, and prepare you for your hearing.

We Care About You & Your Case

We understand Divorce is very different from other areas of law and clients are different because they are going through difficult times.

We Offer Results & Performance

While we cannot guarantee results, we certainly have a proven track record we are happy to share with anyone. Throughout the years we have helped countless clients achieve great outcomes with their Divorce, or Family Law matters.

We are Dependable

When clients work with us they realize very quickly we care and they understand they can show up to court without stress knowing we are there for them and we will fight to defend their rights and get them the best outcome we can.

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