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Orange County
Divorce Attorneys

Family Lawyers Working to Build a Peaceful,
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Divorce is a word all too often associated with ugly feelings and an uncertain future, but it does not have to be. Peace and stability are possible if you have the right representation during your divorce or other family law matter—and Moshtael Family Law is here to provide just that.

Our Orange County family law attorneys have over several decades of years of combined legal experience and, as a practice devoted exclusively to divorce and family law, our skilled lawyers are perfectly positioned to deliver the results you need.

Whether you are in the early stages of considering a divorce or are in the midst of a heated custody dispute, you can count on the divorce attorneys at Moshtael Family Law to provide the caring support and experienced legal counsel that translates to a better, swifter outcome. We fight to win, and we truly care about our clients. You are not just a name or a dollar sign, you are a human being with real feelings and needs.

A Proven Track Record
From Hundreds of Previous Clients

and Experienced

in All Areas of
Family Law Litigation and Mediation.

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Moshtael Family Law?

We're beneficial to help ensure that these proceedings
go according to plan and needs

We Have Strategic Partnerships

We have strategic partnerships with family therapists, financial planners, forensic accounts and other professionals who are available to provide service to our clients.

We Have a Level of Great Service

We are very hands-on, always show up prepared, build case plans for you, have strategic meetings with you, and prepare you for your hearing.

We Care About You & Your Case

We understand Divorce is very different from other areas of law and clients are different because they are going through difficult times.

We Offer Results & Performance

While we cannot guarantee results, we certainly have a proven track record we are happy to share with anyone. Throughout the years we have helped countless clients achieve great outcomes with their Divorce, or Family Law matters.

We are Dependable

When clients work with us they realize very quickly we care and they understand they can show up to court without stress knowing we are there for them and we will fight to defend their rights and get them the best outcome we can.

To keep a customer demands as much skill as to win one
American Proverb

Our team is here to help you during every stage of your case.

We have two convenient locations in Southern California.

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