Becoming A Single Parent

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Becoming A Single Parent

Life changes dramatically after divorce and more so when you have children involved. At one end, you have to manage your own emotions and find your courage to move on in life, and on the other end, you may have the added responsibility to provide the best of care to your child. As a single parent, you will have to work harder to keep your family secure, while you may also have to deal with an unreasonable or irresponsible ex spouse.

Here are some of the key challenges that many single parents may face:

Recovering from the Emotional Pain

You have to work on self-healing and forget, if not forgive your ex, in order to move on. If you continue to sink further in abyss of old hurt and anger, your possibilities for a new lift get curtailed. The healing process is different for each individual, but a close support network that you can depend on will almost always help. You may also consider professional counseling and therapy, which are proven ways to help you cope with the emotional changes.

Being a Single Parent after Divorce

The sooner you can put your own feelings aside and focus on leading your children through the difficult divorce process, the better it will be for everyone. Make sure your children don’t get neglected while you are engaged in the divorce proceedings.

Let them know that they will be protected, loved, and nurtured as before. The healthier you and your ex can make the divorce process for your children, the easier it will be for both of you to parent them post-divorce. Keep the communication lines open with your children at all times through the divorce so that know what is going on and do not feel afraid for their future.

Dating a New Partner

In the beginning, you might find it awkward to consider the idea of dating a new person all over again after divorce. But the more you delay or avoid the need to find a new partner, the more intimidating it will become to date as time goes by. The best way out may be to take the bull by the horns, and explore the possibility of finding a new partner. Begin with no expectations and let dating be fun rather than a forced exercise.

Most importantly, you should be sensitive about your children and make sure your attempts at picking up the pieces of your own life do not hinder the lives of your own kids. Your children need you, particularly when they are already feeling insecure after seeing their parents go their own ways. So, while it’s critical that you look for new people, make sure that your children continue to be your number one priority after your divorce.

Dealing with an Irresponsible Ex-Spouse

While you are going through the divorce, you may have to contend with the irresponsible actions or ridiculous behavior of your ex-spouse who is determined to continue creating chaos and conflict. If the other party is unable to act rationally, you may end up getting embroiled in multiple legal issues such as custody, parenting plans, child support, spousal support, and property division.

You should ensure you have a capable and accomplished divorce attorney on your side so that they can work hard to help you navigate through all the issues, while you give valuable time to your children in their hour of need. 

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