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When two parents decide to divorce or breakup, child custody and visitation are often the most combative, stressful, and emotionally-charged issues to resolve. Unfortunately, divorcing parties and exes are rarely willing to concede on what they feel they deserve, especially when it comes to their children. This can derail the entire point of this process, which is to protect your children’s best interests above all else.

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Legal Custody vs. Physical Custody

The state of California allows for a variety of custody orders, categorized as legal or physical custody. Legal custody determines which parent, or both, has the right to make important decisions about the child, while physical custody determines where the child will reside.

The various options for these orders include:

  • Joint legal custody – Both parents share the rights and responsibility to make life decisions relating to the health, education, religion, and care of the child.
  • Sole legal custody – Either parent has the exclusive right and responsibility to make the aforementioned decisions.
  • Joint physical custody – Both parents have significant periods of physical custody of the child.
  • Sole physical custody – The child will exclusively be under the supervision and care of 1 parent, potentially granting the other parent visitation rights.
  • Primary physical custody – The child spends an unequally-divided amount of time between both parents, depending on the circumstances of his or her school, work, other external factors.

How is Visitation Designated?

Visitation can be decided upon between two parents and does not require involving the courts. If parents are unable to collaborate on this process, a judge will step in to make this order official. Visitation is determined by considering factors such as each parent’s work schedule, the child’s school schedule, each parent’s residence, and how far those residences are from each other. The courts will not approve an arrangement that does not focus on the best interests of the child.

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